Raymond P. Scheindlin is a scholar of early Hebrew literature, specializing in the Hebrew writing that emerged from contact between Jews and Arabs in the Middle Ages–the medieval Golden Age of Hebrew Literature. As such, he also deals with medieval Jewish writing in Arabic.


Scheindlin is a prolific translator of Golden Age Hebrew poetry, specializing in verse translation. He has also produced a verse translation of the biblical book of Job.


Dr. Scheindlin is the author of a popular book on Jewish history and a reference book for students of Arabic.


The Book of Job

The New York Times

“[Scheindlin’s translation] is mellifluous and eloquent, yet contemporary in tone.”




A Short History of the Jewish People

Religious Studies Review

“[A] well-written, handy little textbook….The book is well supplied with excellent maps, boxes that explore allusions in the text itself in greater depth, and a thorough index. It will be of great use as the first text in introductory surveys of the history of the Jews or the history of Judaism.”

The Song of the Distant Dove

Journal of the American Oriental Society

“Writing with characteristic elegance, Scheindlin brings to bear all of his scholarly gifts: graceful literary translation; incisive analysis; and an imposing command of classical Jewish sources, medieval Jewish history, and Jewish and Islamic religious thought.”

Special thanks to the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary for the image of the illuminated manuscript. The manuscript is the opening of Keter Malkhut, a very famous poem by Solomon Ibn Gabirol, from the Rothschild Mahzor, a lavishly illuminated manuscript from Florence, Italy, dated 1490.